About CG Engineering Consults

CG Engineering Consults SMC Limited (the "Company") is an engineering and manufacturing company that was incorporated in 2019, in accordance with the laws of Uganda. The Company is a brainchild of young engineers and architects and prides itself in leveraging the delicate balance between youthfulness and experience so as to design, create and innovate in this modern era.

The Company specializes in architectural and engineering work involving buildings, roads and other infrastructure, project management, planning of towns and estates and also deals in the manufacturing of pre-cast concrete products like pavers, blocks, kerbstones and culverts.

The concept, work ethic and professional outlook of CG Engineering Consults SMC Ltd was born out of the zeal of young people to create works with structural durability, design uniqueness and character for the dynamic market produce quality products that will last generations and inevitably impact change in society and ultimately make a meaningful contribution to it.

Our service delivery is marked by
quality products with minimal costs delivered on time.

Company Structure

The Company is divided into two arms, namely, engineering and manufacturing. The Engineering arm deals with the architectural and civil engineering business of The Company while the Manufacturing arm deals with the production of pre-cast concrete products among other things. The engineering arm is headed by the Senior Project Manager and the manufacturing arm is headed by the yard manager.

The Engineering arm’s hierarchy has the Senior Project Manager at the helm. Below the Project Manager are the project engineers, project architects and project surveyors along with the masons and craftsmen who aid in the implementation of the civil engineering works. The manufacturing arm’s hierarchy has the Yard Manager at the helm. Below the Yard manager are the machine operators, masons and craftsmen. The Chief Executive Officer is the team leader for both arms of the company

What we do


Creation of a unique concept, full architectural and engineering design of the objects for various applications, architectural.


We provide all engineering services and also produce pre cast products like pavers, blocks,kerb stones etc.

Project Planning

Because we like to be very organized as we carry out our work, we help with planning of any engineering works that have been asigned to us so as to offer the best.


For all your surveying needs, we got you covered and have the best professionals to carry out the process.

Gavamukulya Charles

Chief Executive Officer